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You can type text using the keyboard or paste text from the clipboard. In any case, make sure you are using Latin characters.


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Now click on the button located under the text boxes. The text will instantly be converted to a set of dots and dashes from Morse code.


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Check your result. If it seems to you that everything worked out, then press the copy button to use it in other applications.

Translating Text into Morse Code

The main advantage of the Morse system is that it is simple and reliable: you can manually record and reproduce signals. This method has a high degree of protection from external conditions: messages are perceived by radio operators by ear even with strong external interference. The disadvantages include the low speed of information transfer and the impossibility of connecting printing devices to such a radio transmitter. And also the fact that you need to have special skills to use the device.

You may need a Morse code translator in a variety of situations. Despite the fact that it seems as if this type of communication is hopelessly outdated, it is still quite actively used. The transmission of information in this way is quite feasible even with very strong interference in the radio air. In some conditions, this method of communication can be almost the only one. Moreover, it is also quite cheap, which makes it quite attractive. The Morse code translator will allow you to quickly translate words into dots and dashes and transfer the message in encrypted form. Morse code decryption is quick and easy, so you shouldn't transfer secret data in this way.

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