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How to translate Text into Morse code


Enter morse in the first field

You can enter morse code from the keyboard or paste it from the clipboard. Make sure you only use dots and dashes anyway.


Click on the translate button

Now click on the button located under the text boxes. The morse code will instantly be converted to common letters, words and numbers.


Copy the result to your device

Check your result. If you are satisfied with the translation, click on the copy button and save the result to your device.

Translating Morse Code into Text

One of the most popular types of coding for the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks is Morse code. Encryption takes place through the use of long and short signals, which are denoted as dots and dashes. In addition, there are pauses that indicate the separation of letters. Thanks to the emergence of special Internet resources, you can effortlessly translate Morse code into Cyrillic, Latin or vice versa. If you want to translate or decipher the Morse code and do not know how to read it, then you can simply use the online Morse code translator.

If you do not have enough experience in reading Morse code, you can find the corresponding characters in the Morse code table, or simply use a Morse code translator. Morse code translator allows anyone to translate Morse code into text and decode the message written by the code easily. With the help of an online Morse code translator, anyone can translate plain text in English or another language to Morse code and vice versa.

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