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Correspondence table of letters and symbols from the Morse code (dots and dashes)












How to use Morse Code Chart


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How to use Morse code chart

On February 8, 1838, Samuel Morse presented his invention to the public - the electromagnetic telegraph system. The device could transmit messages over short distances in a special encoding. This code is called Morse code. Morse code or Morse code is a special way of encoding characters that encrypts alphabet letters, numbers and punctuation using a sequence of signals: long (dashes) and short (dots). Actually, the Morse code began to be called only from the First World War. In 1848, Weil's code was improved by the German Gerke. This code is still used today.

Learning To decipher messages, the Morse code is not always memorized by heart, learning involves memorizing mnemonic verbal forms, or, as they are also called, tunes. Each character in the alphabet corresponds to a certain melody. In turn, these verbal forms may differ from each other. Depending on the school of study or country of use, some signs may be changed or simplified. This page provides background information on the Morse code, provides examples of encoded characters, talks about the Morse code, highlights the features of the Morse alphabet for English letters. The Morse alphabet is presented in the form of tables.

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